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Jill Schoelen, 1992 geb. IMDB *21.03.1963, a.Q. 1966
Ort Burbank, California, USA
Branche Schauspielerin, Sängerin
Grösse ?
Haare lang/kurz, schwarz
Freunde  War eine enge Freundin von Brad Pitt (1989, für drei Monate) und Keanu Reeves

Eine Beziehung seit 2003 mit dem

Sie war bis 2002 mit dem Musiker und (Film-)Komponisten Anthony Marinelli (*19.08.1959 in Burbank, CA., USA - Facebook) seit dem 17.10.1993 verheiratet und lebt in Encino, Kalifornien) mit ihren zwei Kindern.
Geschwister Todd und Mark (*26.05.1967, verh. mit Danielle Centman Schoelen), Lisa Schoelen (?)

Dorothy Schoelen Dorothy Schoelen

Jill's Mutter ist eine sehr bekannte Modedesignerin.

Von einer privaten engl. Webseite
In an interview published in the Sunday Express, Pitt said the life-altering experience happened in Budapest in May 1989. His fiancee of three months, actress Jill Schoelen, told him she had fallen in love with another man.

Jill Schoelen started her acting career at the tender age of 14 when she landed her first role starring opposite Nicholas Cage in the made for TV movie "Best of Times." In her second TV movie, "Happy Endings," Jill was nominated for the Youth in Film Awards 1983-1984 for BEST YOUNG ACTRESS IN A FAMILY FILM MADE FOR TELEVISION. She studied at the prestigeous Gena Bua's Acting for Life Theatre located in Burbank, CA. Jill had made a career working both on the big and small screens landing mostly lead roles in films of the thriller/horror genre. Her most notable roles have been in "The Stepfather" as the charming yet suspious daughter of Terry O'Quinn, the young and impressionable Diva in "The Phantom of the Opera" opposite Robert Englund, and as a college student stalked by a psychopath in the thriller "When a Stranger Calls Back." For her role in "The Stepfather," Jill was again nominated for the Youth in Film Awards 1986-1987, this time for BEST YOUNG ACTRESS IN A HORROR MOTION PICTURE; and she took home the statue for BEST ACTRESS at the 1987 Catalonian International Film Festival in Sitges, Spain. Jill has also graced us with her talents as a singer, belting out rock songs in the feature film "Rich Girl," playing guitar and singing a melodic tune in "Curse II: The Bite," singing cavity inducing, upbeat tunes in "Babes in Toyland," and headlining Los Angeles' longest running musical, "Pepper Street"

In the romance department, Jill has been linked with two of her co-stars Keanu Reeves, and what turned out to be a heartbreaking engagement with Brad Pitt. As the story goes, Jill and Brad met on the set of the horror film "Cutting Class" in 1987. They dated for 9 months. While shooting on location in Budapest, Hungary for Jill's then latest film "Phantom of the Opera," Brad visited Jill, where she sadly broke off the engagement.

Renowned Fashion Designer Dorothy Schoelen also happens to be Jill's mother. With the support of Jill's brothers Todd and Mark, Dorothy is keeping her designs all in the family. They help mom out with the distribution and production of her latest fashions.

Jill is also a runner and has participated in a number of 10k races throughout the Los Angeles area.

After completing what has proved to have been her final film "Not Again" in 1995, Jill has since retired from the spotlight and refocused her priorities on raising her 2 children with husband and composer Anthony Marinelli in Encino, California.

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(1981) Best of Times (TV Movie) -
(1983) D.C. Cab - Claudette
(1983) Happy Endings (TV Movie) - Anne Marie Bartlett
(1985) Chiller (TV Movie) - Stacey
(1985) Hot Moves - Julie Ann
(1985) That Was Then... This Is Now - Angela Shepard
(1985) Thunder Alley - Beth
(1986) Babes in Toyland (TV Movie) - Mary/Mary Contrary
(1986) Shattered Spirits (TV Movie) - Allison
(1987) Billionaire Boys Club (TV Movie) - Amy Whitehall
(1987) The Stepfather - Stephanie Maine
(1988) Curse II: The Bite - Lisa Snipes
(1988) Gambler (TV Movie) - Amy
(1989) Cutting Class - Paula Carson
(1989) The Phantom of the Opera - Christine
(1991) Popcorn - Maggie
(1991) Rich Girl - Courtney
(1992) Adventures in Spying - Julie Converse
(1992) State of Mind - Wishman
(1993) Triumph Over Disaster: The Hurricane Andrew Story (TV Movie) - Ruth Henderson
(1993) When a Stranger Calls Back (TV Movie) - Julia
(1994) There Goes My Baby - Babette
(1995) Not Again! - Jenny
(2004) She Kept Silent (10 Minuten lang)

Bisher im deutschen Fernsehen gezeigte Filme mit Jill Schoelen (bis 2OO3)
*Mich@'s TV-Aufnahmen
FILME (Auswahl)
    Jahr TV/VID Titel (deutsch) (V= org. Video) Titel (engl.)
  * 1985 PREMIERE Chiller - Kalt wie Eis Chiller
  . 1985 . Thunder Alley Thunder Alley
  * 1986 PREMIERE Jungs ausser Kontrolle Lose Control - That Was Then... This Is Now
  * 1986 RTL2/TELE5 The Stepfather I - Kill, Daddy, Kill The Stepfather
  * 1986 VIDEO Alice im Spielzeugland Babes in Toyland
  * 1986 ZDF Scherben des Lebens Shattered Spirits .... Allison
  * 1987 KABEL1 Die tödlichen Spiele der Yuppies Billionaire Boys Club
  * 1988 RTL2 Todesparty II Cutting Class
  . 1989 . Skinner Skinner
  * 1989 RTL2 Venom - Das Gift der Hölle Curse II: The Bite
  * 1989 VIDEO Rich Girl Rich Girl
  . 1989 PREMIERE Das Phantom der Oper The Phantom of the Opera
  * 1991 VIDEO Operation Lookout - Schnappt den Gangster Adventures in Spying
  * 1992 PREMIERE Stimme der Dunkelheit When a stranger calls back
  * 1994 PREMIERE The Last Days of Paradise There Goes My Baby
SERIEN (Gastauftritte)
  * 1993 PREMIERE Diagnose Mord: "Diagnosis Murder" als "Becky Garfield" in der Folge: "Shaker" (Folge 1.17) 29.04.1994
  * 1992 PREMIERE The Heights Rockin' Friends: Sternschnuppen "The Heights" als "Betty B." in der Folge: "Shooting stars" (Folge 1.5) 24.09.1992
    1984 . Murder, She Wrote: Truck Stop "Murder, She Wrote" als "Flora Gerakaris" (Folge 5.16) 02.04.1989 
    1982 . T.J. Hooker "T.J. Hooker" als "Runaway girl" Kelly Hobbs - "Sweet Sixteen and Dead" (1983)
  * 1974 KABEL1 Unsere kleine Farm "Little House on the Prairie" als "Jane Canfield" in der Folge: "Love" (Folge 9.10) 29.11.1982

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